Peach Fest Parade

Saturday, August 10, 2019

IMG_4599 copy.png
Thanks to Carole
for organizing  
This was the 2nd year that
the PSDIC participated in 
Penticton's annual Peach Fest Parade.
Fun was had by all!
_IMG_4628 copy.jpg
A great way to celebrate our 25th anniversary
A great way to celebrate our 25th anniversary
_IMG_4620 copy.jpg
Carole's car  
Silver & green
the colour theme
_IMG_4600 Karen & John copy.png
Carole is giving last minute instructions
Waiting for the parade to begin
_IMG_4609 copy.png
_IMG_4606 copy.jpg
_IMG_4603 copy.jpg
Belly dancer
_IMG_4591 copy.jpg
_IMG_4601 copy.jpg
_IMG_4592 copy.jpg
_IMG_4592 John C copy.png
John rides his bike the whole way of the parade.
Holly's line dancing class joins the fun
Our banner leads our group
_IMG_4597  Don copy.png
Don, President of the PSDIC rides in the car. Ted is his driver
The Parade begins!
_2019 298.jpg
_2019 300.jpg
_2019 299.jpg
_IMG_4626 copy.jpg
Thank you to everyone who took part in the parade.

See you next year!